SALES 4.0 | There will be a before and an after COVID for B2B sales

When we talk about B2B sales, there will be a post COVID just as there was a post September 11 for air travel.
In 2018, the consulting firm CEB (since acquired by Gartner) produced a study which revealed that 57% of the final decision of a B2B investment project was made before even meeting a single salesperson; this shook the certainties of some but did not really change the habits of the vast majority of companies at that time.

Today, as the COVID crisis continues to rock the economy, all companies that are used to acquiring their customers on exhibition stands have had to rethink their model.
This 2018 study is of course still relevant and it is likely that this figure of 57% has increased significantly. For the moment, no recent study makes it possible to measure its evolution, but the probability that this is the case is very high.
It is more than ever necessary for industrial B2B companies to review their business strategy and study all the innovations offered by “data”.

SWISS PRO DATA and its DATA-DRIVEN MANAGEMENT and SALES 4.0 services support industrial companies in the digital transformation of their sales process.


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