Where is a prospect in his decision-making process?

In the customer journey, we often distinguish the phases BEFORE and AFTER the purchase. The front is also called the “Buyer Journey”. It includes brand discovery, consideration as well as the purchase decision. It seems clear that at each of these stages, the prospect must be exposed to suitable content. But how do you present the right content and especially at the right time?

Systematic analysis of the actions taken by visitors to a website identifies where the prospect is in their buying journey. Example with a person working in the production of medical parts; she goes to a machine manufacturer’s website and reviews the product line as a whole. Ten days later, she comes back and focuses on one particular model, which is probably the one she will have chosen for comparison with the competition. This is when that visitor should be retargeted with relevant content to maximize the chances of landing the order.

SWISS PRO DATA offers SMEs to analyse the path of their prospects in order to adopt the right timing in retargeting activities.