Data-Driven intelligence specialized in industrial companies.

The events that occurred in the last period have revolutionized and accelerated the relationship between data and sales.

Should I wait until my new website is ready to implement a Sales 4.0 strategy or start tracking information?

No, we can track down valuable information even using old websites.
If your website has more than 1,000 visits per month we suggest conducting 3 month mining test using your old website. You will see the value and it will help you build a perfect new website.
If your website has less than 1,000 visits per month we suggest conducting a FREE Audit first. It will take a few meeting to help you avoid making big mistakes so you can start start making immediate profits from unexpected sources.

If I track the names of the companies that visit my website, am I in compliance with GDPR laws?

Yes, SWISS PRO DATA fully respects privacy and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws. SWISS PRO DATA uses worldwide public and/or voluntarily submitted information and legal data from public companies. SWISS PRO DATA does not use private information. Our power comes from the intelligent understanding and structuring of open data. For more information about GDPR and public companies, please refer to the following link:

What software packages do you use?

We use every single legal tool online we know of to collect, process and convert data, from Google Analytics, LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Adobe packs. We currently use 14 different programs to reach our client’s objectives. We constantly test and invest in every single high-performance software we learn about. If you want to suggest that we test your software, please send us a message at contact@swissprodata.com

Do you use the information you collect for purposes other than analyzing and advising my business?

No, the data collected and the analysis done for you are not used for purposes other than benefitting your business.

Can I request your services even if I am not an industrial company?

Yes, you can always consult us to determine whether or not we can provide you with added value. In the event that we are not able to help you, we can refer you to partners who can.

Once a business name is known, all I have to do is contact it the traditional way. Why would I need retargeting services?

Ask yourself if you would like to be actively asked for information after visiting a website. The basic idea with the concept of “B2B Sales 4.0” is to bring information to the potential customer when they need it so that they contact you. Your position in the sales process will be greatly strengthened.

Can I limit my searches to a geographic region?

Yes, it is possible to only receive information from a country or region.

Can I focus the information gathering on companies in an industrial sector, for example automotive or medtech?

Yes, it is possible to only receive information from certain industrial sectors. However, it does require that you have relatively large traffic for this to be effective.

Where do you find so much information?

The information is online in journals, forums, B2B social media, corporate websites, public databases, etc. We just track down the information and interpret and transform it into valuable insights to generate the highest profit for our clients. Our success is not based on the information we track, but on the interpretation we do of this information.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

SWISS PRO DATA uses public information and legal data from public companies.
Our power comes from the intelligent understanding and formatting of this data for our industrial clients’ benefit.

The members of the SWISS PRO DATA team are specialists in Data-Driven Sales for B2B companies. The team uses data analytics and behavioral science to understand every individual within your audience actively searching for your products or services. The accuracy of the fourth dimension helps sales units connect with your potential customers on a warm, effective, and personal level.

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