DATA DRIVEN SALES | Your website allows you to know where your prospect is in his decision-making process !

We have already addressed the subject in previous articles but we still too often see websites that are not designed as active sales tools but simply as a catalogue that can be consulted at all times.

However, if you were told that it is possible to trace the journey of your visitors, the number and frequency of their visits, the pages viewed or the time spent on product pages, what could you do with this data? ? And if we told you that in addition to that, you could know the name of the company the visitor is in, it becomes much more interesting.

With such an approach you would be able to predict with some confidence what stage your prospect is at. And therefore take measures that would aim to influence it in the right direction (yours of course). Direct contact when possible, networking via social networks or more simply via an ultra-precise retargeting action with the right product and the right application. This is what a B2B business website should look like today. And make no mistake, this is possible with a website using current technologies, at an affordable price.

SWISS PRO DATA supports and advises industrial companies in the innovation of their sales process. We come from industry and know the specifics of capital goods purchasing decisions.