SEO, an acronym the machine industry should know!

SEO, SEA, SERP are all acronyms that are difficult to understand. Among them, however, are three letters of great interest to the industry: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or in other words, SEO optimization in search engines.

SEO allows websites to appear at the top of Google search pages. Knowing that today over 90% of customers start their search for information with a search on the Internet, you immediately see the importance of SEO.

There are many rules for placing yourself at the top of search pages, but if there is only one thing to remember, it is that Google is based on the relevance of the content published on the website by comparing them with the words entered . However, in B2B these words are often very specific, so it is relatively easy to appear at the top of the list to a client interested in a specific subject.

SWISS PRO DATA helps SMEs in the machine industry with their SEO strategies in order to increase their digital visibility.