Are paid search engine campaigns suitable for B2B businesses?

Few figures are available for B2B to assess the performance that can be expected from a paid advertising campaign on the most used search engine, ie Google. This type of campaigns are also called SEA for Search Engine Advertising. It is generally accepted that only 2% to 3% of Internet users who receive an ad in their search engine click on the ad. This indicator is called Click Through Rate (CTR). The latest figures available show that for B2B, only 2.41% of people who see an advertisement on their Google results page click on it. So, if you want to generate 100 visits to your website, your ad will have to appear more than 4,100 times to Internet users sitting behind their screens.

Now imagine that you are only presenting your advertising message to people who have an interest in your brand or who have been in contact with targeted content that you have offered; what could be their reactions? Take the example of a company that prints high precision 3D parts for a specific industrial area. It can, as long as its website is designed in this way, demonstrate its know-how in this area by presenting typical applications. It will then suffice for it to identify the Internet users who have visited this page and present them a targeted ad in order to explode its click-through rate (CTR). This solution is simple and effective.

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