LinkedIn campaigns are effective in B2B, but what to put in them?

For B2B, paid LinkedIn campaigns are a very interesting promotional tool. They allow you to communicate directly with target companies. It will of course be more effective to advertise a new machine model to LinkedIn subscribers working in companies potentially interested in your products and services. Better yet, the social network allows you to more precisely target people who work in the target companies but who have visited your website recently. What more ?

Well, today it is no longer sufficient to target certain people working in target companies, it is also necessary to know what to say to them … Fortunately, certain tools now allow us to know with a very high probability what these Internet users have come to seek information on your website. We are therefore able to provide the key information that will be used to create personalized content, targeting the core concerns of your prospect.

SWISS PRO DATA offers SMEs monitoring and data collection tools that allow very high precision re-targeting.