89 and 12; two figures that will help you better understand the importance of a website in the B2B sales process.

The emergence of millennials in decision-making positions and rampant digitization are two of the important factors that force industrial companies developing and selling technical solutions to absolutely have to be present in the digital world if they wish to ensure their long-term existence. Why that ? Because the overwhelming majority of customers (89% according to a recent DemandGen Report) start their search for information with a few hours of work sitting behind their screen, staring at their favorite web search engine. Google even reports that a buyer will make an average of 12 different requests before stopping and viewing a particular site. What are the main implications of these two numbers?

First, it means that your website is no longer just an illuminated 24/24 and 7/7 storefront, it can and even should shine with its quality, fluidity and support visitors in their quest for information. Particular care must be taken in navigation so as not to lose the visitor in the architectures of convoluted pages. The content and messages communicated on the pages should be simple and directly addressed to users or decision makers. Finally, think about the many tools that will allow you to understand and analyze the needs and actions of your visitors, because they will allow you to set up very effective retargeting activities.

The second implication of the figures presented in the introduction is the number of requests that an Internet user will make to collect the information allowing him to define a first scope of his project. The average of 12 searches a buyer performs shows how important SEO is. It’s not just about being the first on a search that includes your business name, you need to be visible from different angles, with different words or phrases. For this, it is crucial to define the words, terms and even the phrases that a potential customer will enter in their search engine when they make a request concerning one of your products or services.

SWISS PRO DATA helps industrial B2B companies to audit their website and more broadly the digital ecosystem from the point of view of their use as a tool for selling and acquiring new customers.

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